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LC60D/LC50C digitális lézerszkenner

Revolutionizing 3D inspection

LC60D/LC50C digitális lézerszkennerLC60D/LC50C digitális lézerszkennerLC60D/LC50C digitális lézerszkenner
LC60D is Metris’ next-generation digital 3D line scanner that demonstrates superior scanning productivity, performance and robustness. Equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology and powerful on-board data processing, the LC60D CMM scanner more than triples today’s common scan rates. LC60D strengthens and accelerates the digital inspection process by scanning parts quickly and streaming part geometry and model data into the design-through-manufacturing data flow.

Boosting scanning performance

In combination with a wider laser stripe and higher point resolution, the scan speed of the LC60D reaches a stunning 75,000 non-interpolated points per second.

Scan any material: Point-specific laser intensity adaptation

To effectively scan surfaces with varying color or high reflectivity, Metris introduces third-generation Enhanced Sensor Performance (ESP3). By dynamically adapting laser source intensity and CMOS camera sensitivity, LC60D automatically captures any gradual or abrupt change in surface color characteristics.

Premium stability and reliability guaranteed

The LC60D bundles over 10 years of 3D laser scanning expertise. It guarantees reliable measurement under all ambient circumstances due to an integrated cooling fan, temperature compensation algorithm and separated heat-generating parts. A reflection filter is incorporated to avoid measurement of fictive scattered points.

Fully integrated proprietary Metris scanning solutions

Metris Focus software suite accelerates the entire workflow, from off-line preparation to final reporting.

Apart from Focus software, the LC60D scanner is tightly integrated with Metris LK/C3 CMMs as well as Metris CAMIO CMM driver software

A scanner for every application

For straightforward digitizing tasks on CMM, the LC50C offers excellent scanning capability. Built on the same core digital scanning technology as the LC60D, the LC50C guarantees fast and full surface coverage at a scan rate of 23,000 points per second.

For applications that require premium productivity or involve hard-to-scan surfaces, the LC60D is the right choice. It supports scanning at a relentless pace with real-time tuning of the scanner parameters. As a result, LC60D offers fast-turnaround scanning of sheet metal parts, castings, milled pieces, plastics, composed materials, etc.

Technical Specifications

Stripe width
60mm (2.36")
50mm (1.97")
Sampling distance
60µm (0.0024")
60µm (0.0024")
Maximum acquisition rate
Stand-off distance
95mm (3.74")
80mm (3.15")
Field of View (FOV) width and height
60x60mm (2.36x2.36")
50x60mm (1.97x2.36")
390g (0.86lbs)
380g (0.84lbs)
Accuracy(1σ on sphere)
15µm (0.0006")
20µm (0.0008")
Interface on CMMs
PH10 / Multi-wire
PH10 / Multi-wire
Daylight fillter
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